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Painting: Our house painters in NJ, offer complete interior and exterior painting services.

Our interior painting services at our painting company in NJ, include priming and painting of newly sheet rocked rooms. We offer spackling and taping repairs to walls and ceilings. Our many services include skim coating for very damaged plaster walls. Wallpaper removal and prep work for removing that tired old wallpaper, so your walls look like new. Caulking of mouldings to rid your home of those unsightly gaps is always included. We only use top quality paints for painting in Morristown, NJ and surrounding areas. If you’re looking for specialty finishes, such as faux finishes to accent a wall or shadow box then we are your contractor. We have been applying faux finishes for over 20 years. High ceilings are not a problem, our top quality ladders and scaffolding assure that nothing is out of reach. Staining and poly urethane are among the many specialties that we offer. Our drop clothes are always dust free and we use fresh plastic liners to cover your furniture.

Our exterior painting services include full preparation services of your home no matter what outer surface you have. From power washing to wood brighteners we make sure your house is completely free of dirt, mold and mildew before any paint is applied. Scraping, grinding, sanding and wire brushing are just some of the techniques we use to get rid of any peeling, flaking or splintering of your homes surface. Oil primer is always a must on bare wood for your new paint job to hold up and last the longest. We offer full carpentry services for all your wood rot repairs. When applying paint to your home we always brush and roll, we will never use a commercial sprayer on your home. If you have a natural wood home such as cedar, we offer full exterior care. Gentle power washing as well as wood cleaners and wood brighteners are necessary to restore the vibrancy of your natural wood home. Whether you want a clear wood protectant, semi-transparent stain or solid stain we can help you decide what is best for your house. We also offer aluminum restoration. Many homeowners don’t realize that your old, chalky aluminum home can be painted and last many years with a bonding additive mixed directly into the paint. And of course, we guarantee all our work.

Decking: Power washing and re-staining of your deck is a maintenznce must. At the very least you need to treat your deck every 2 years depending on how much sun or shade your deck gets. Too sunny of an area will burn off the protection of your decking stain leaving your deck vulnerable. Have you ever walked across your deck bare foot only to get stuck with nasty splinters? Time to wash and seal your deck. Too shady of an area for your deck will cause mildewing and darkening of your deck. Have you ever walked across a mildewed deck in the rain and felt like you were on an ice skating rink? Time to wash and seal your deck. Do you have an old ugly deck and just don’t think it’s worth restoring? Chances are a little T.L.C. from Ski’s is all you need.

Carpentry: From a precision machinist beginning our carpentry is always in square. From framing up new walls in a basement and putting in new windows and doors to installing custom crown moulding, dental mouldings and shadow boxes our angles fit. Whether it’s an alteration to what you already have, like adding a custom closet, or building something brand new, like ripping out an old bathroom or kitchen, we’ve done it. Our exterior carpentry services are also available to you. From replacing wood rotted soffets on your home to building that dream deck that you always wanted. Sheetrock, spackle and taping is a specialty that we have offered for over 25 years. 

Ceramic Tile: Ski’s Painting & Renovations, LLC specializes in ceramic tile floors. We take the time to make sure that our lines are straight and the floor or wall is completely level. We make sure that our adhesive or mud is applied evenly. From ripping out the old or starting with the brand new we have it covered with the right prep work. We can help you affordably select tile and help put together just the perfect inlay or border. We work with custom stone, slate and glass. Tell us what you need tiled, flooring, walls, backsplashes, counter tops, wall boarders, kitchens or baths, we do it all.

Power washing:  From your dirty vinyl siding to your mildewed composite deck, clean it up! Cement sidewalks or pavers looking dingy, get it washed! Patio covered with moss, get rid of it! Greasy driveway looking like a services station, we wash that too! Our thorough but gentle power washing always makes it look new. We will never damage your best investment.

Services Offered by our Carpenters & House Painters in NJ

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